Christian Education

Sunday School

The Sunday School Department provides Christian Education training each Sunday morning, beginning at 9:30A.M. Using a curriculum that is both relevant and relatable, the Sunday School instructors encourage spiritual growth and learning amongst the congregation.

Our method of teaching comes directly from Bible Scriptures.  We use the Union Gospel Press Series as our study guide.  We offer classes for adults, teens, primaries and beginners. 

Adult Teachers

Class # 1. Sis. Sarah Keith, Dea. Raymond Menchan and Dea. Roscoe Davis

Class #2. Sis. Lauraette Evans, assisted by Sis. Sharon Sutton and Sis. Ada Huey

Senior Class Teachers

Sis. Ida Johnson, assisted by Dea. Gerald Kemp and Dea. Richard Smith

Junior Class Teachers

Sis. Wilma Smith and Bro. Fabian Cook

Beginner/ Primary Teachers

Sis. Daisy Smith, assisted by Sis. Sheronda Arnold

Wednesdays In the Word

Wednesdays in the Word meets each Wednesday evening @ 7:00 P.M. for prayer, and Bible Study. This ministry addresses advanced topics pertaining to Christian growth, such as discipleship, theology, worship, and others.

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School is offered as a one week course of study during the month of June. During this time, young people across Newnan and the Chalk Level community are invited to participate in lessons, games, and other fun activities.

V.B.S. is held annually the first full week in June from 5:00pm until 7pm.  We serve children from 3years of age to early teens.  During this 3 hour period, students are provided with bible lessons, song praises, crafts, recreation and refreshments.  Bro. Fabian Cook serves as director.  Teachers and assistants include Sis. Sarah Keith, Sis. Deborah Stegall, Sis. Daisy Smith, Sis. Wilma Smith, Sis Linda Holloway, Sis Sandorell Barber and Dea. Marcellous Johnson.